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h3. Macro setting

Much of the source information can be found about the macro-setting Here It is a great source for information and I suggest everyone reads it.

Micro Setting

The Micro setting will be somewhat dependent upon the characters and will be detailed in this wiki as well as the modifications the the modules run, Story-arches, or major changes to the world that happen.

The Rundown

I will be building a re-imagined Tyria, Elona, and Cantha. Three realms in the competitive Guild Wars MMORPG. Escalating some of the tech,substituting races from the pfsrd and re-skinning monster in the bestiary to better suit the feel of the game. As a large portion of this game is going to be module based I will also be re-skinning the modules for a better feel on the game. I will endeavor to share my changes with you so that those that would like to can take advantage of the leg work I am doing.

The changes

Most noteworthy is the adoption of Black powder. Pistols and muskets are available for use. You may find these in the Equipment section of the pdsrd near the bottom of the page. Trains! We have them. I like the lord of the rings as much as the next guy but… I do not want to have a campaign of walking back and forth all over the three realms. In addition Trains and ships both make great vehicles (npi) of isolation stories and murder mysteries. No Alignments. This doesn’t mean you can act like a depraved jackass as a paladin what it does mean is there will be a virtue system roughed out and there will be rewards for keeping it in character.

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