Adventure Log

Session 1a: Hangman’s Noose

Chris: Janet
-Wake up again, only Silas remembers what happened the first time around.
-Surround by an overwhelming sense of wrath.

Session 1: Hangman’s Noose

Why did we come here again? Ghosts lurk on the edge of view.

Party has been in Lion’s Arch for about a month, doing odd jobs.

Been hired to check out a Courthouse.

Vision: In Courtroom, focusing on you. Magistrate there, silver beard and demanding silence. Shining Green Eyes. Jabrin Mord — that is you. You are being found guilty.
Vision 2: Wood on wood, rope drawing taunt. A man’s booted feet twich as he is hanged — that man is you. Crowd jeers in delight and laughs at your last rasps.
Vision 3: Hulking man in corridor w/ flagstone. Back to me. Sawing away with a blood slicked short sword. Show me the way, i love you, show me the way. He hefts the gory head of the a gory beautiful woman as he kisses her and thrust her head forward. Body lies on the floor with her arm outstretched, pointing forward.
Vision 4: A dark woman, swaying as she hums and knits a sweater. Alarmed and looks up. Figure moves forward, the figure looms over her.

Wake up in the Courthouse, on the floor, the large room with the columns. A grandfather clock rests in the room, between to huge oak doors and a less door.

Reddic: “Haven’t been here since we put Mord to death. Almost everybody here was. All of us were Jurors.”
→Attacked by undead birds

Move into another room, nothing happened. Malgrim walks around the corner and gets attacked by a skeleton dog. Malgrim is then killed.

Rafael tries to go out the window and then falls through the skylight in the main room.

Questioning Jester: Admits to hating Mord and convicting him.
Question others:
Reddick – Paladin: He couldn’t remember much of what happened but was very sure of the verdict. Is an golder guy now, going gray.
Madge: Wasn’t focused on the trial but on how she hated him for hanging her father. Seemed like the defense was just going through the motions.
Patricia: Her brother had come to her and told her to use her wiles to help secure a guilty verdict on Mord. Nervous playing with a necklace. Ashamed to admit it and says that her price was the necklace she was wearing. Manipulated the jury both socially and magically to secure a conviction.
After proof, Dwarf changes his mind. Talbrak
Half-orc Halgrak: He is sobbing. Blubbering — strong armed into voting guilty by Malgrim. It wasn’t that he was worried for himself, held out a really long time. Malgrim had already cut off all the toes on one of his feet. Wasn’t until Malgrim threatened to do the same to his children that he broke down.
Killian Paltreth just vanishes. —> He died two weeks ago. If he died who was that guy?

Ropes came down from no where and pulled zombies out of the ground. Battle!

Vision: Blonde haired man with fresh healed scar.
VisionB: Burly man turns around from the Elf woman, moves out of the cell. Shadow on the wall. Mysterious cloak figure but unable to. Choked and then everything goes black.

Who is Sevveth? —> he brought all the people here 10 year later.

Torture chamber —> out of iron maiden pops the leader of the adventuring party.

Vision: Mord being sentenced — hanging. Finality of the sentence, several members of the jury are smirking at each other. Hobgoblin, halfling and human.

Alister Wade: blonde and looks familiar. Local magistrate, probably barrister? Presided over the investigation of Jabrin Mord’s trials. His desk still holds some red scarves and the necklace the guilty girl had. The scarves that were worn by Meline (Mord’s wife).

Adventure Log

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