The White Mantle’s oppressive theocracy has been cast down but not out, with the revelation of their false god and the reemergence of the Shining Blade. Queen Salma is a welcome change to leadership, and is doing her best to mend and refortified a war torn nation. Extending the hand of peace, she welcomes both shining blade and white mantle survivors into the new Seraph army.

The people are doing there best to repair the damage done by the war, salvaging destroyed crops and livelihoods. The Dwarves have sent detachments of craftsmen to the surface to help rebuild but Dwarven labor doesn’t come without cost. So for the most part they are only in major cities, leaving the smaller communities to their own devices.

Queen Salma has requisitioned the Shining Blade as the Royal Guard and order a major reconstruction effort to the near ruined city of Lion’s Arch. The city while still beautiful has been brutalized through out the last 10 years. The fighting has destroyed spires, walls and in some cases caused cliff-side districts to be reclaimed by the sea.

Its a whole new battle as craftsmen play cutthroat (in some cases this isn’t a figure of speech) in bidding wars with merchants that keep driving up prices of even basic goods. Swords and magic for hire has come into increasing demand to ward off would be looter, “hostile” takeovers, and other unpleasantness. If course in some cases they are hired for exactly the opposite purpose. The result is Lions Arch is a boom town for anyone that can wield a sword or master magic and prove it. The Lions Guard are doing all they can to stem the tide but there is only so much authority can do against the guild politics and mercenary element.

This story is inspired and informed by the Guild-Wars mmorpg and not my intellectual property. The source material used can be found at and

Chronicles of The Three Realms

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